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January 2024

January 2024 at Whee! Design: Explore the latest in fun and imaginative design this month. Delve into our recent creations and rediscover past designs that bring personality and expression to life.

Total Eclypse: North American Tour Design

Gear Up for the Eclipse with Our Rock-Inspired, Personalized Apparel

There's something undeniably magical about an eclipse. It's one of those rare moments that make you stop and gaze in awe at the sky. That's exactly the feeling I wanted to capture in our Total Eclypse collection. It's not just about astronomy; it's about those moments that make us all look up in wonder.

I'm really excited about this collection, and I think you will be too. It's got t-shirts, hoodies, and tanks, each with a design that's a nod to this incredible event. And the cool part? You can personalize them! Add your city, mark a special date – make it a keepsake of where you were when the sky put on its show.